Model 4 contractor

• 400kg hammer
• 800mm sideshift
• heavy duty top link with anti creep valve
• hydraulic post rotator
• large flotation skid shoes
• self lubricating wear
• independent hydraulic jack legs
• high degree mast tilt
• ball hitch for trailer
• external valve for excellent visibility and control
• heavy duty rockspike
• telescopic mast and beam
• drive posts up to 3.5 metres in height
• optional excavator arm for digging
• CE certified

This machine is essential for the dedicated contractor and offers unbelievable control and precision at great speed when driving fencing posts. The 90mm diameter rockspike is an ideal for making a pilot hole into hard compacted ground, roadways etc. The 800mm side shift ensures the machine can slide into a compact position for road transport. The Model 4 contractor is one of the most compact machines on the market.