This post driver can be mounted on any make of mini-excavator weighing from 1.5 tonnes up. It can also be mounted on a front loader.  It is very easy to use in awkward situations and is a robust machine which will give years of service.




Main Features

  • 100kg – 200Kg solid steel hammer
  • Patented design
  • safety cage
  • Heavy duty post cap
  • Optional cap adaptors for square posts
  • Transfers the weight of the excavator onto the post while driving, making the hammer more effective
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Short mast makes it very easy to transport both digger and post driver on a trailer
  • simply reach over ditches or into difficult corners with the excavatoe arm


Crosspatrick, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland T: +353 (0)56 8831421 M: + 353 (0)87 6490620 UK: +44 7971 190345


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